Special Equipment Fund Procedures

The Risk Management Division has received an allocation for a “Special Equipment Fund” under Budget Account 1352. The purpose of this fund is to have money available to purchase or rent non-medical equipment or tools or ergonomic equipment, for which funds are not immediately available, that is needed by employees who:

    • Are injured on the job and need special equipment in order for them to be returned to modified or full duty or to prevent further injury.
    • Have a non-industrial condition that requires accommodation of equipment or tools to prevent the aggravation of their condition.
    • Other urgent safety equipment needs.

      This fund is not intended to replace an agency’s responsibility to provide appropriate equipment or tools to their employees for which prudent budgeting would accommodate.

        It is intended to be available in the event that an issue arises that cannot be reasonably predicted.

          In some circumstances equipment rental can be obtained during the time an agency is pursuing the approval of appropriate funds or if the equipment is needed only for a short period of time during an employee’s recovery from an injury.

            To qualify for access to this fund, agencies must demonstrate that funds are not readily available within the appropriate budget account to obtain the needed equipment or that a delay in excess of 30 days is expected before Budget Division or IFC approval of a work program is made.


              Agencies must submit:

                1. A written request from the appropriate agency head that details the situation that is initiating the request.
                2. Documentation from one of the following that supports the request.
                  Employee’s Physician
                  Insurer’s Rehabilitation Counselor
                  Insurer’s Loss Control Representative
                  SCATS (Safety Consultation and Training Section) Consultant
                  Risk Management Safety Officer or other Safety and Health Professional
                3. Specification of the equipment requested, suggested vendor and price.
                4. Memorandum from the agency’s Budget Analyst stating that funds are not available and an explanation of why a work program cannot be initiated.
                5. Any other additional information that supports the request.

                  Representatives from the Risk Management office are available to assist agencies in creating a request.

                    • All requests will be reviewed and responded to within 10 days of receipt from an agency.
                    • Each request will be evaluated on its own merit.
                    • Alternative vendors may be solicited.

                      Note: Equipment purchased by Risk Management under this procedure shall:

                        1. Go with the employee when he/she transfers to another State agency, and
                        2. The equipment must be returned to Risk Management when the employee leaves State employment.

                          Requests for consideration of this program should be forwarded to the attention of:

                          Mandy Hagler
                          Risk Manager
                          201 S. Roop St. #201
                          Carson City, NV 89701
                          Phone: (775) 687-1755
                          Fax: (775) 687-3195