Showroom Information

Reno/Carson City

Machabee Office Environments:   
1335 Greg Parkway #101
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 329‐3145  
Fax: (775) 786‐5710
Contact: Andy Assuras, extension 113

    Note: Machabee Office Environments is in the process of setting up a workstation showcasing various chairs, furniture, and equipment.  Also available is a keyboard tray display with keyboards from a variety of manufacturers.

      Reno Business Interiors:
      427 Ridge Street, Suite D
      Reno, NV 89501
      Phone: (775) 786‐2700
      Fax: (775) 786‐2772
      Contact: Lana Schouweiler

        Note: Reno Business Interiors utilizes their office as a working showroom to display various styles of chairs, workstations, and equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

          Silver State Industries:
          5500 Snyder Avenue, Bldg. 17, 2nd Floor
          Carson City, NV 89702
          Phone: (775) 887‐3309 or (775) 887‐3331
          Contact: Bill Quenga
          Phone: (775) 887‐9247

            Note: Silver State Industries is an Industrial Program through the State of Nevada Department of Corrections. The Carson City manufacturing facility is located in Carson City at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. However, a showcase of various products including office furniture can be visited by appointment at the contact location above.

              Las Vegas

                Machabee Office Environments:
                6435 Sunset Corporate Drive  
                Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
                Phone: (702) 263-8800  
                Fax: (702) 263-8801
                Contact: J.D. Field

                Direct: (702) 263‐8800, extension 216

                  Note: Machabee Office Environments have a large working showroom.  Employees, with an appointment, are welcome to come to the office and view various chairs, furniture, and equipment.

                    Silver State Industries
                    3955 W. Russell Road
                    Las Vegas, NV 89118
                    Phone: (702) 682‐3147
                    Contact: Bill Quenga
                    Direct: (775) 887‐9247

                      Note: (Contact Bill Quenga until further notice).